The Ingredients

 The Wax

We use a luxurious blend of natural soy and coconut wax that is:

+vegan friendly 
+gluten free
+toxin free
+paraben free

+phthalate free 
We use an Organic White Beeswax for our all natural candles 


The Dried Elements

 Our dried elements are hand-picked & dried from our very own garden

Variations of color & decorative extras will change from pour to pour.

 The Vessels

 All of our glass jars & metal tins are reusable!

After you are completely finished burning your candle, carefully wipe out any remaining wax & clean with hot soapy water.

The Wicks  
Our crackling wooden wick creates the perfect cozy ambience. 
 +We only use eco-friendly, clean burning natural wicks. 
+Wooden wicks are made from FSC Certified Wood, hand-crafted & made in the USA.
+All Natural Hemp Wicks 
 The Fragrance  
+ Skin Safe
+Phthalate Free
+Cruelty Free